George P. Pettit, M.D., Inc.
1729 27th St. - Bldg. 'G'
S.O.M.C. Campus
Portsmouth, OH 45662

Phone: 740-354-1434
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» George P. Pettit, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.
Women's Health Physician

» Barbara Miller, R.N.
OB-Gyn Nurse Practitioner

» Stephanie Marazon, RN, BSN, MS
OB-Gyn Nurse Practitioner

» Carolyn Pettit, R.N., M.S.
Women's Health Clinical Nurse Specialist

» Tiffany Harris
Certified Nurse Midwife

Breast Self-Exam
Breast Self-Exam

Most breast lumps are found by women themselves during regular breast self-examinations. 

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Our Vision

Statement of Philosophy

We will provide care that encompasses all aspects of a woman's life-cycle and her health continuum. We are dedicated to women's health not merely focusing on the reproductive system. We deliver all types of obstetrical and gynecological care including state of the art surgical procedures, midwifery attended births as well as high-risk deliveries. With our emphasis on holistic health, we provide a wide range of services to our patients including weight reduction management, smoking cessation, and stress management, as well as bone density evaluation. We believe that a woman should have the opportunity to see a health care provider who best fits her needs, recognizing that those needs may at times be best served by a physician and at other times, a nurse midwife or a nurse practitioner.

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New Patients

We believe that all women are entitled to receive the best, most comprehensive healthcare available. This care should be provided in such a way that it is both comfortable and convenient for women. Healthcare is much more than the treatment of disease. It also means maintaining health and well being. Although the female reproductive organs are our area of specialty, we understand that we must take into consideration a woman’s entire body as well as her emotional, social and spiritual well-being. That’s why we emphasize patient education and routine screening for non-gynecologic problems such as elevated cholesterol, hypertension and colon cancer. We also refer to other healthcare professionals when we feel that a problem is out of our area of expertise.

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